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Resort’s trails provide recreation, adventure

You can bike it or you can hike it. You can even saddle up your horse and ride it. “It” is the new trail that was recently completed at Indian Hills Resort 30 miles west of Garrison.  Not only does the trail provide four miles of recreational opportunities, according to its builder, it offers spectacular views of Lake Sakakawea. “It contains some of the most beautiful country I’ve ever cut trail in,” said Dawn Packard, owner of Blue Sky Trails, LLC. Rocky-Point

That’s a pretty serious compliment considering that Packard has built trails in Colorado, Idaho and Nebraska. When Packard describes the trail’s location, she offers additional high praise. “It’s beautiful terrain, that was very condusive to trail building.” Packard said,” The trail runs parallel to great lake views and runs through a lot of wooded sections for interest.” She said the trial is appropriate for people of all ages.”  It’s a great place to take kids,” she said. “It is easy enough for beginners but has some challenges.”

Although Packard bid on the project last August, the actual trail building did not begin until the end of April, Prior to building the trail, Packard met with a planner from N.D. Parks and Tourism. The two worked together to plan the trail with the use of aerial maps. Although the basic trail was planned in advance, Packard said “creative choices” were added to make the trail more interesting for hikers and bikers.  She said a team of five trail builders worked to make the trail a reality.  The crew included one local man, Joe Azure of White Shield. Packard said Azure did a “terrific job” and could continue to be an asset to the project with his knowledge of trail maintenance.

The new trail is the second phase of the Nux Baa Gaa Trail at Indian Hills Resort. In 2005 a 1.5-mile section of the trail was constructed. Combined the two trials offer over five miles of recreational opportunities.  The trails are described as official mountain-bike, single-track dirt trails that are about four feet wide. Packard said she hopes to return to Indian Hills this fall to do an intermediate trail that will be a bit more challenging.

The Nux Baa Gaa Trail is being constructed with the help of Lewis and Clark Legacy Trail funding and includes additional features such as interpretive signage that has been added along the trails. Other enhancements include an information kiosk and a picnic shelter that are currently under construction. A small parking area will also be built.

Kelly Sorge, owner of Indian Hills Resort, said she hopes area residents will visit the resort and utilize the new trails and other accommodations. She said much of the area’s rich history is detailed on the signs along the trails and that additional historical information will be available at the kiosk once it is built. Kelly said the resort has become a great “family destination” since it offers a variety of recreational opportunities such as hiking, biking, boating, fishing and camping. The resort also has a convenience store and café.

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